What are MOOCs?

The Office of the Vice Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education oversees academic and policy matters related to design, development and delivery of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) supported by the institution. An advisory committee has been established to guide the office in development of Open UToronto principles and practice and to provide strategic advice and guidelines regarding online and open access resources and courses.

As noted in the Open Course Initiative Fund documentation, the overarching the goals of the institution are as follows:

  • Contribute to education community and broader public by sharing curriculum
  • Explore a range of pedagogical approaches and open course platforms
  • Leverage high quality digital materials in multiple contexts internal and external to the university
  • Showcase the University of Toronto’s capacity as a leading institution for teaching, learning and research

MOOC Partnerships

Program Oversight

Director – Online Learning Strategies provides support in the area of faculty development related to MOOC initiatives; consults on resourcing, team-based planning and design; coordinates institutional research and evaluation activities; and acts as liaison with the Office of the Vice-Provost Academic Programs as required.

Director – Academic and Collaborative Technologies provides support in the area of Open UToronto initiatives broadly, identifies institutional strategies and processes related to resourcing and infrastructure integration, and enables access to relevant information, resources, services across the institution.

Please contact for information or consultation.

Approvals and Funding

Proposals may be reviewed and submissions accepted on a rolling basis.

MOOC Initiative Activity

Screenshot of MOOC Activity

In January 2020 the University of Toronto had over 2,400,000 learners enrolled in at least one MOOC. UofT has 17 MOOCs in Science and Technology, 8 in Health and Personal Development and 6 in Social Sciences with 31 unique courses and 4 specializations.

MOOC Report Archives

MOOC Research Activities