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Creative Tools

Below, you will find links to many helpful tools and guides as you begin the journey of creating your own Open content.

Open Access Tools & Licenses
Are you an author or creator interested in putting your resources into the public domain through Open Access? Then the link above will take you to a website created by the University of Toronto Libraries with helpful resources for authors and creators.

Citation & Academic Integrity
Are you interested in why and how we cite sources in academic writing, including Open sources? Please click the link above to access a guide to many helpful online tutorials, style guides, and related documents to help you understand citation practice, build correct citations, avoid plagiarism, maintain academic integrity and work more effectively with sources, including Open sources.

UofT Use

The links below will help you find Open content produced elsewhere, and useable by people at UofT in the creation of new content or for use as course material and digital coursepacks.

Open Access Scholarship & Research
This guide is intended as a resource on open access for faculty, researchers, and students. It focuses specifically on open access in the field of education. It was developed by the OISE/UT Library

Author Rights & Scholarly Communication
The UTL maintains this guide to offer information to faculty, researchers, and students on the issues surrounding the dissemination and communication of scholarly information.

EdTech Toolkit
A current catalogue of educational technology tools and services supported at the University of Toronto (either as a central resource, or supported at the divisional or departmental level).

Learning Objects Guide
Are you looking for Open resources you can use for teaching, learning and research? This guide from the University of Toronto Libraries features a selective list of major repositories for learning objects and open courseware that can be used in teaching, learning and research, often in the form of a searchable ‘catalogue.’ These resources can take many forms, including animations, tutorials, videos, journal articles, and quizzes. Educators may include learning objects and open courseware in their lessons and students may use them to complement and enhance classroom learning.

Inverted Classrooms
An increasing number of instructors are interested in using Open courses and Open resources as the basis for inverting their teaching. In an inverted classroom, students are expected to review materials that would normally be presented in class, including the lecture, outside of class time.  This frees up class time to focus on discussion, collaborative work, and engagement with the other activities that are traditionally done outside of class. UofT’s Online Learning Strategies group and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation are currently developing an Inverted Classroom Guide, so please check back soon for the active link. Thanks.

External Hosting

A number of companies and organizations are getting into the ‘business’ of building and/or hosting environments and platforms for creating and/or delivering Open content. Some of these are open source while others operate on a “freemium” model (some parts are free, some parts cost). While the University of Toronto has many services for locally hosted Open content (see our Create section), as part of our engagement in the global Open movement, U of T is also running projects and pilots with a number of external hosting organizations.

Here’s a list of some we are currently working with:

Creative Services

There are many talented professionals and teams at the University of Toronto who can help you create and manage your Open projects.  The links below will help you find the right partner for your work.


Below are links to resources that can help you openly share and publish your content.

This site features a selective list of major repositories for sharing your creative work. The process for contributing to these repositories is different for each. If you are interested in using UofT’s T-Space repository, please visit the library TSpace page.

UofT Open Journals
The University of Toronto Libraries runs a service for U of T-affiliated individuals and groups to manage and publish electronic journals, from submissions through peer review, to online publication. The service uses Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open source journal management and publishing software. Please click the link above to find out more about publishing your own open journal at UofT, or to access the list of Open publications currently using this service.