Many scholars at the University of Toronto are placing the products of their scholarly work in the public domain. In fact, an increasing number of funding agencies now require this as a condition of receiving funds. UofT assists its scholars in this endeavour by providing hosting and discovery services* through the Library.

TSpace is a free and secure research repository established by University of Toronto Libraries to disseminate and preserve the scholarly record of the University of Toronto community, including faculty and graduate student research.Items in TSpace have priority search engine indexing and are assigned permanent URLs to ensure links to submitted material always work.
All items in TSpace are openly accessible, either immediately or after publisher’s embargo period. Many items are also licensed with an optional, legally binding, Creative Commons license to further define appropriate use such as educational use only, share and share alike, etc. Please visit the site to learn more and to access these resources.

 ● UofT School of Graduate Studies Theses Collection Online
Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) are theses or dissertations prepared as text-based PDF files. ETDs can contain non-text elements such as sound, video, and hypertext links. ETDs are available through TSpace, the University’s digital library repository, and also released to the world-wide web with priority in many search engines, enabling scholars worldwide to locate, search, and download U of T’s ETDs.

  ● MOOC Research and Evaluation
The University of Toronto is committed to exploring new ways of teaching and sharing knowledge in the 21st Century, and its participation in the two Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms Coursera and EdX are an essential part of this.

* “Discovery” is a library concept related
to helping patrons find meaningful
information. The University of Toronto
Libraries helps people both find relevant
content, and makes information findable!