At the University of Toronto we have a growing number of Open Access repositories – metacollections, or “collections of collections” of open access and open educational resources. The repositories are often keyword searchable as well.

● Books Online
More than 200,000 books have been digitized, from the University of Toronto Libraries. They are freely available online and out-of-copyright. The full text of these books can be searched, and they are also listed in our catalogue.

● T-Space
T-Space is the University of Toronto’s Research Repository, and it showcases and preserves the scholarly work of U of T faculty. The vast majority of items in T-Space are Open for viewing, and many items are also licensed with an optional, legally binding, Canadian Creative Commons license to further define appropriate use.

Fulltext Digital Collections from UTL
These fulltext digital collections were developed here at the University of Toronto Libraries, in collaboration with university faculty and external partners. This work has often been made possible through the generous support of funding agencies.