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Project Leaders:
Zohreh Shahbazi, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences and the Centre for Teaching and Learning – University of Toronto Scarborough

Adon Irani, Learning Consultant & Educational Technology Specialist – University of Toronto Scarborough

This project website contains materials available for download in Common Cartridge v1.1 format for instructors to download and use in developing their own course on this topic. The materials are published as shared educational resources and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. Check out the introductory video!


In the archived packages available you will find resources for 12 modules. Modules 1-8 are Pre-Calculus, and Modules 9-12 are Calculus. These can be imported into your institution’s learning management system.

Each module contains the following:

  • Introductory Animation: An animated short to introduce you to the concepts covered in the module; where possible we’ve attempted to visually demonstrate and explain key ideas relevant to the module topic
  • Lessons: These are instructional videos that provide detailed overviews of the math concepts covered in each module. In total there’s about 10 hours of video!

Modules 1-8:

  • Diagnostic Test + Solutions: It’s up to you how best to use these modules. We suggest you start with the diagnostic questions to see where you stand! If you are able to solve all these questions without any difficulty, maybe you’ll do a quick review and then move onto the next module. If you find these questions difficult, or can’t quite remember how to solve them, this module is for you!
  • Practice Questions + Solutions: Additional questions (and their solutions) are provided on a variety of topics for each module. These are a great way to brush up and test your knowledge. If you encounter any difficulty, please refer to the instructional videos for additional support.
  • Assessment Test + Solutions: Once you feel you’ve got a solid understanding of the module’s content, and you’re ready to test your knowledge, please try the assessment test. Ideally you won’t look at the answers until *after* you’ve taken the test. If you do well on this test, you’re likely prepared to excel in this math topic. If you find this test difficult, it probably means you would be smart to take additional time studying the instructional videos and other materials provided.

Modules 9-12:

  • Calculus Notes: For each of the Calculus modules, we’ve provide you with something special. You’ll find detailed notes that will help you immensely as you prepare for higher level math. Be sure to refer to your own class textbooks and other resources for practice or sample questions — and use these notes to excel when trying to understand how to approach given problems!

Full List of Modules:

  1. Algebraic Manipulations
  2. Equations and Inequalities
  3. Analytic Geometry
  4. Functions
  5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  6. Trigonometry
  7. Trigonometric Functions
  8. Limits
  9. Continuity
  10. Derivative
  11. Integration
  12. Proof Techniques

Download the .zip or .imscc (common cartridge) files from the list below.

All materials have been designed to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. All videos have been captioned. Learning objects are keyboard accessible and/or alternative formats are provided. If you require LaTeX files for accessibility accomodation purposes, please contact Dr. Shahbazi by email (above).


Project Oversight & Leadership:
Laurie Harrison, Director of Online Learning Strategies – University of Toronto
Will Heikoop, Online Learning Coordinator – University of Toronto

Creative Advisory Team (Animation Videos):
Nasrin Naim, Daniel Bernal

Any Wilk, Sophie Chrysostomou, Yuri Cher, Ali Moatadelro, Miroslav Lovric, Zhaoyun Wang

Module 1-8 Questions:
Danny Cao, Yuri Cher, Zohreh Shahbazi

Modules 9-12 Notes:
Ali Moatadelro, Zohreh Shahbazi

Accessibility Consult:
Karman Chan, University of Toronto

Project Support (Administrative):
Kitty Chan, Business Officer – University of Toronto Scarborough

Project Support (Video Post-Production, Instructional Videos):
Mark McKee, Weboption Coordinator And Technology Initiatives Manager РUniversity of Toronto Scarborough

Student Advisor:
Zahra Emami

…and a very special thanks to the Animation company that brought each module to life!
Flikli Video Content Studios –

University of Toronto