Open eText – Start Up Project

This aim of this project, funded by eCampus Ontario, is development of a resource guide to getting started in Open eText Publishing. Project objectives include:

  • Assess the needs of the community in the domain of open text publishing
  • Develop a set of flexible, browsable support resources
  • Evaluate the potential for an ongoing community of practice in open text publishing

Opensourceway / CC BY-SA

The Open eText Start Up Resource Guide will be designed for sharing via the eCampus Ontario portal and other existing provincial organizations.

You can view our current version now!

View the final report and executive summary

In addition to conducting a needs survey and beginning an environmental scan, the project team has begun facilitating a series of monthly webinars that provide an opportunity for sharing among institutions currently implementing eCampus Ontario OCI funded Open eText projects. To be included on the distribution list for this Community of Practice, please contact

While we are in the process of developing the resource guide, we will share information about the Open eText Development Community of Practice and related materials in a Google Docs folder.

Collaborators on the project include:

  • Ontario Council of University Libraries – Katya Pereyaslavska
  • University of Toronto Library –  Stephanie Orfano, Mariya Maistrovskaya
  • University of Toronto – Online Learning Strategies – Laurie Harrison, Will Heikoop
  • University of Windsor – Nick Baker, Scott Cowan
  • Brock University – Giulia Forsyth

For more information, or to join our Community of Practice for Open eText Developers, please contact

Image Credit: BC Campus licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.