Instruction in Neuroscience

Nervous System

Project Leader: William Ju, Lecturer in the Human Biology Program

Research Interests: learning and memory; neuroscience pedagogy; cognitive skills in undergraduate learning; learning outcomes in neuroscience

This website contains materials for use by other instructors teaching a blended, flipped or online course where core concepts in neuroscience are being developed. The materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, so they can be modified with attribution to the authors.

The curriculum consists of five major modules. Each module is a standalone Articulate Storyline (SCORM) object which can be used to teach/reinforce learning as one stand-alone lesson. Each module consists of a sequence of learning resources, typically including: animations, graphics, text, voice over, interactive objects and short video. In addition, full transcripts can be accessed by the “Notes” tab in the Storyline player. You can also access a glossary of terms and help from the Storyline player. Instructors may use and adapt the learning resources for use in their courses, provided the terms of the license (see above) are met.

All Storyline objects can be found below. You may download a published file, ready to be ingested into an LMS or you may download the original .story file for use and editing.

Source Assets

The source image, sound and media files are publicly available for usage here.

All materials have been designed to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. Learning objects are keyboard accessible and/or alternative formats are provided.

The following modules can be played right through this site:

MODULE 1: Development of the Nervous System

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MODULE 2: Brain City

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