The University of Toronto is pleased to announce several proposed Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to launch on edX. Read about the edX partnership announcment.


The successful Teaching with Technology and Inquiry: An Open Course for Teachers has been redesigned for a self-paced mode. The course just relaunched.

UofT is in the middle of development of a series of courses on Health Professional Teaching Skills. By mid 2017 the full XSeries will be available. But you don’t need to wait, you can take courses 1 through 3 now!

BE101x offered a MOOC geared specifically for U of T’s Alumni between September – November 2016. This version of the course included material¬†specifically for U of T Alumni. In particular,

    – Opening in-person event and closing panel
    – Build on a lot of work at U of T, in particular at BEAR (Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman)
    – Focus on development in Toronto, Ontario and Canada. (BE in Canada)
    – Research Corner will showcase U of T faculty
    – Nudge Challenge will be U of T and Canada specific
    – All discussion moderators/TAs are U of T alum

See photos of the opening event as well as photos of the closing panel.

University of Toronto Courses on edX

Have a look University of Toronto’s previous courses on edX.

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